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Learn to Build Your Very Own Wordpress Website
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Learn to Build Your Very Own WordPress Website

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Learn to Build Your Very Own WordPress Website

Do you want to learn to build  your own WordPress site but have found it difficult?  Trying to learn WordPress on your own can be a pain. Just getting started can be a complicated task on its own, and then you have to build your entire site from the ground up. It’s a lot to take on! We have had so many clients call us in a panic because they can’t figure out how to set up their site, they are having site errors, or they can’t figure out what the heck a widget is. To help you, we decided to launch Wolfie’s WordPress Den. A hands on WordPress learning center that will teach you everything you need to know to build your very own WordPress website. From setting up your hosting to adding the final touches, we’ve got you covered. We’re currently offering 1 hour one-on-one WordPress training and will soon be announcing dates and locations for our group classes. Please let us know what you’d be interested in and learn more about the program on our WordPress Workshops page.

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